Good bye semestral break, #BackToSchool now in the Philippines. I have to study harder now so I can graduate on time. Probably this would be my last semester in college. 🙂 *hopefully*

‘5’ or equivalent to <65% is the failing grade according to our university’s Grade Point system. Well, nobody wants to fail. Depende na lang kung pinangarap niyang magkaroon ng ganitong grade. HAHA!

I had my first ‘5’ when I was only 1st year college, 2nd sem. Major subject – C Programming 2. It was my fault, actually. I didn’t pass my workbook to my professor. Ha! I am a happy-go-lucky student back then. :\ So I attended summer class that year.
My 2nd and 3rd ‘5’ (yeah, I failed 2 more subjs), happened last 2nd year 2nd sem. 1 Major subject – Automata; 1 minor subject – Differential Calculus. In my major subject, which is really hard, our final project was late (for about a minute or two) so we were graded a failing grade. My fault again. Yeah yeah. Hello summer class for the second time. How about my minor subject? NEVER MIND. Ha! I will take it again this semester. I HATE MATH.

For the following years, ‘di na ako nagkaroon ulit ng ‘5’. Oh please, never again. I am guilty that I didn’t study well in those subjects that’s why I failed. Hayy, if I could turn back time. But hey! I learned. 😉

“Walang bobong estudyante, tamad lang.”

I know that it is not something to brag (even to blog) about, but I just wanted to share it. This is my blog, anyway! Happy back to school guys, especially to kapwa ko Iskolar ng Bayan! Study hard and enjoy!

Oh by the way, this photo was taken during our team dynamics in TechDoc10 2013. I was assigned to STATION 5. Haha!

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